Resource Efficiency: Boost Business Competitiveness by Reducing Costs & Increasing Productivity

Resource Efficiency offers a clear win-win scenario by achieving real savings through reducing wastage.  ECOS provide technical support to the Resource Exchange, which facilitates recovery/reuse of wastes/resources – #circulareconomy

  • The Europe 2020 strategy highlights the fact that resource efficiency is crucial to securing growth and jobs for Europe.
  • Ireland’s National Waste Prevention Programme has successfully delivered solutions for individuals and organisations that recognise the costs of wasteful consumption including excess purchasing and final disposal charges.
  • The programme has evolved beyond an opening emphasis on preventing the generation of solid wastes to a broader view of preventing wastage across materials, energy and water.

Resource EfficiencyKey objectives for resource efficiency include:

  • Reduce wasteful consumption of material, water and energy resources by changing behaviours in businesses, households and the public sector.
  • Enhance competitiveness and reduce business costs by delivering programmes that stimulate resource efficiency and the circular economy.
  • Support sustainable growth and employment in the green economy – including re-use enterprises.
  • Minimise generation of hazardous wastes through efficient practices and use of safer alternatives
  • Manage hazardous substances in products through efficient regulation.
  • Inform and influence evidence-based decision-making by compiling and publishing high quality data on waste.

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Source:  EPA