Recycling: Are we doing it correctly?

How are the we doing when it comes to recycling?Recycling  Most of us are doing it to some extent but some of us are unsure if we are doing it correctly.  Thankfully as a nation we are switched on to the importance of recycling and the role that we play as individuals.  However, even with the best of intentions we are putting the wrong items in recycling bins.

So how important is it that we get it right?

Plastics are derived from  from crude oil which is a limited non- renewable resource.

  • The recycling of plastic saves 2/3 of the energy that is required to manufacture plastic from raw materials.
  • If we recycle properly plastic can be made into many different everyday items that we are all familiar with, items such as footballs, toys, smart phones, sleeping bags, jacket insulation, carpets, wellies and game consoles.

Cardboard and paper make up over 23% of waste.

  • The manufacturing of recycled paper instead of new paper from virgin wood plump uses 58% less water and 54% less energy.  Through recycling, one sheet of office paper can be used up to seven times.

So how can we recycle better at home and in the work place?

  • Segregate wastes correctly
  • Correctly identify what is recyclable
  • Put recyclable waste in the correct bins
  • Open up boxes and crush to make best use of space.
  • Rinse food and liquid residues from containers.
  • Do not put food waste or garden waste in blue or green bins.
  • Do not put shoes, clothes, used batteries or any electrical items in to your recycling bin.
  • Have a look at your products around the house and your work place to ensure you are recycling everything that you can be recycled.

So how do you think you do with your recycling?  We would love to know your thoughts and suggestions?

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