Actions are required to address the global plastic crisis

plasticIreland, Europe, US, Australia and others have for a long time been dependent on China to take the poor quality plastic that they collect and do not have the infrastructure or capacity to use themselves.

  • As of January 2018 China has decided it does not want the low value plastics

Until more recycling plants are built to deal with these low value plastics domestically, Ireland faces a build-up of plastic waste with no outlet available other than waste derived fuels.

A number of actions are required to address “the plastics crisis”.

  1. Recycle quality – not just quantity.
    • Value must be gained/retained through recycling in order to develop a long term viable market.
  2. Stop collecting stuff for the sake of it.
    • Refer to item 1.
    • If there is no viable outlet why invest in the collection of low/no value materials which in theory could be recycled, but where there is no viable end user.
  3. Boost demand for recycled plastic.
    • Review your supply chain and technical requirements to assess whether use of recycled plastics could be introduced or expanded in your process or product.
  4. Producers must be held responsible
    • Manage your supply chains
    • Circular economy
    • Whole of Life Cost
    • Refer to item 1.

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