Our Clients value ECOS because We value them

Our Clients are SME and multi-national businesses who strive to achieve their specific corporate and regulatory needs relating to Water, Waste and Wastewater.

Client needs vary from business to business and could relate to legal requirements to comply with permits and licences associated with virtually all activities relating to Waste and Wastewater or cost and quality issues associated with the use and treatment of Water.

Our Clients appreciate that we work with them, rather than just for them, to identify and achieve their needs at all times.  The many relationships which we have built over the years demonstrates that our Clients share our core values of excellence and integrity.

Our Clients look for and obtain sound advice which is built on a foundation of technical expertise coupled with a practical business knowledge.

Business Owners, Managers (Technical or Financial) and Supervisors should contact us on 061 633644 or info@ecos.ie to discuss how ECOS will help to address your Water, Waste and Wastewater requirements.

ECOS Environmental Consultants Limited