LIFE+ project produces new river restoration guide

The LIFE+ Information and Communication project RESTORE (LIFE09 INF/UK/000032) has published a new guide to river restoration called Rivers by Design.

  • The guide is aimed at planners, developers, architects and landscape architects and seeks to show them how to maximise the benefits of river restoration in development projects.
  • It explains the context and need for river restoration, illustrating how well-planned river restoration can increase ecological quality, reduce flood risk and create social and economic benefits.
  • The guide also explains to the target audience the crucial role they can play in delivering such projects to meet the needs of people and the environment.
  • It provides guidance and step-by-step practical advice on planning river restoration projects to make sure sustainable development is achieved, maximising ecological, social and economic benefits.
  • Examples of successful river restoration projects from Munich to Milton Keynes are also presented to inspire practitioners in their own planning.

RESTORE is a networking project to support river restoration practices across Europe. For more information please visit the project website
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