International Reference Standard for Management of Assets and Infrastructure

PAS 55 is the British Standards Institution’s “Publicly Available Specification” for the optimised management of physical assets and infrastructure – it provides clear definitions and a 28-point requirements specification for optimised and whole-life asset management systems.

  • It is the international reference standard
  • It provides a clear and concise definition of what needs to be done to tune physical assets for business objectives at any point in their lifecycle.

Users of PAS 55 attribute the following benefits to their business:

  • Cost reductions of 30 – 50 %
  • Raised capability and performance of assets
  • Delivery of high reliability environment for improved operating efficiency, quality and safety; assured and sustainable environmental, regulatory, legal and carbon compliance
  • Proactive management of asset-related risks; improved image and relationships with customers, insurers, regulators and other stakeholders; and improved profitability and return on capital investment

The International Standards Organisation (ISO) has now accepted PAS 55 as the basis for development of the new ISO 55000 series of international standards

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