7 July 2015 deadline for Industrial Emissions Licences

Industrial Emissions Licence7 July 2015 is the deadline for Industrial Emissions Licences for existing installations operating newly prescribed activities as presented in the First Schedule of EPA Acts 1992-2013 -V2.

Section 7.8 of the revised first schedule of the EPA Act now includes the requirement for the following installations to be processed where the treatment and processing, other than exclusively packaging, of the following raw materials, whether previously processed or unprocessed, intended for the production of food or feed from:

  • Only animal raw materials (other than exclusively milk) with a finished product production capacity greater than 75 tonnes per day;
  • Only vegetable raw materials with a finished product production capacity greater than 300 tonnes per day or 600 tonnes per day where the installation operates for a period of no more than 90 consecutive days in any year;
  • Animal and vegetable raw materials, both in combined and separate products, with a finished product production capacity in tonnes per day greater than:
    1. 75 if A is equal to 10 or more; or
    2. [300-(22.5 x A)] in any other case.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have emphasised the relevance of 7th July 2015 deadline as follows:

  • The onus is wholly on the operator.
  • It is not adequate for the operator to have applied for a licence by that date.
  • Newly prescribed activities will need an Industrial Emissions Licence by 7th July 2015
  • Any IED activities not appropriately licensed on that date are not authorised to continue to operate and the Agency may follow up with enforcement action.

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