Licences under the Industrial Emissions Directive are required for existing IPPC licence holders and new Business Categories

Industrial Emissions DirectiveDeadlines for Licences to be in place under the Industrial Emissions Directive have been published.  However, it is often quite alarming to find out that, many good business are not aware of new laws which could have serious implication for the sustainability and indeed the viability of their business activities.

EPA Industrial Emissions DirectiveThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) have confirmed the following schedule for the implementation of IED:

  • 7 January 2013 – IED applies to all new installations from this date onwards. Implemented in Ireland 23rd April 2013.
  • From 30th September 2013 – IED applications on-hand will be progressed under IE Licensing Regulations.
  • 7 January 2014 – IED applies to existing installations 
  • 7 July 2015 – IED applies to existing installations operating newly prescribed activities (for example, some feed production activities & waste metal shredding activities).
  • 1 January 2016 LCPs must meet the specific requirements set out in Chapter III and Annex V of the IED.

The EPA have emphasized the relevance of 7th July 2015 deadline as follows:

  • All IED activities are to be regulated by the EPA
  • Newly prescribed activities will need an Industrial Emissions Licence by 7th July 2015
  • It is not adequate for the operator to have applied for a licence by that date
  • The entire licensing process must be completed by that date
  • The onus is wholly on the operator
  • Any IED activities not appropriately licensed on that date are not authorised to continue to operate and the Agency may follow up with enforcement action.

The EPA encourages business who potentially may fall under the newly prescribed sectors to submit pre-application queries to quoting IE Queries and your general sector in the subject box.

ECOS will be pleased to assist you through the IED application process.  Please feel free to contact us at IED@ or 061633644, we would welcome your enquiry.