Harvested Rainwater: Uses, Benefits and food for thought

Harvested Rainwater can be used for many activities where potable water quality is not essential.

In Ireland for a domestic water user, the design figure for the amount of water used by any one person is 150 litres per day.

  • For the majority of households this is potable/mains water much of which is not used for drinking/cooking/bathing.
  • In the not to distant future we will be paying for our domestic water usage.

Businesses pay for water.  In most situations potable water is on a metered supply to the commercial user.

  • In many instances potable water is not used for drinking/cooking/bathing

Farms are paying for water delivered by mains to their farms.

  • Studies have shown that nearly 50% of farm requirements can on average be provided for by rainwater harvesting

Harvested rainwater can have many uses including:

  • Flush toilets, wash clothes or water for the garden
  • Sprinkler systems, floor washing
  • Vehicle washing, floor/shed washing
  • Crop watering, potable supply to animal.

Rainwater Harvesting cost benefit analysis will be site specific but certainly food for thought for large water users.