Groundwater Quality Objectives: Regulation 4

Regulation 4 of the Groundwater Regulations (S.I. No. 9 of 2010) places a duty on public authorities to promote compliance with the requirements of the regulations and to take all reasonable steps to:

  • prevent or limit the input of pollutants into groundwater
  • prevent the deterioration of the status of all bodies of groundwater
  • protect, enhance and restore all bodies of groundwater
  • ensure a balance between abstraction and recharge of groundwater
  • aim to achieve good groundwater quantitative status and good groundwater chemical status by not later than 22 December 2015.
  • achieve compliance with any standards and objectives established for a groundwater dependent protected area included in the register of protected areas established under Regulation 8 of the 2003 Regulations [S.I. No. 722 of 2003] by not later than 22 December 2015.