Water Reuse – Greywater Systems – Guidelines and Standards

The reuse of greywater and rainwater gains in importance due to high prices for public supplies of water.

For greywater systems to become accepted, it is important to ensure good water quality and to minimize the potential risks associated with reusing the water.

Testing of greywater systems can be carried out to the following existing Guidelines/Standards:

  • Australian Guidelines: NSW, Domestic Greywater Treatment Systems Accreditation Guidelines
  • American Standard: NSF 350, Standard for Wastewater Treatment Systems
  • Canadian Guidelines (Draft): Canadian Guidelines for Household Reclaimed Water
  • British Standard: BS 8525-2, Greywater Systems

Standards for testing greywater systems do not currently exist on the European level.

  • 2011 a working group (WG 50) was constituted on the European level under CEN TC165 (waste water engineering) to work on a standard for water reuse including rainwater and greywater – systems.
  • A standard is expected after at least a 3 year period of discussion (2014).