Grey Water: Recycle Water at Home

Greywater is water which has been used for washing and can potentially be reused rather than discharged down the drain.

  • Grey water includes water from laundry, dishwashers, baths, showers, hand washing etc, but does not include toilet waste.
  • Kitchen sink waste water often contains traces of grease, fats, meat, fish, and oils and may not be suitable for treatment/reuse.

Treated greywater can be used for toilet flushing although it doesn’t always make economical sense to do so (Rainwater harvesting may be a suitable alternate option).

  • Greywater should not be put into the toilet cistern in case a drop in water pressure causes it to enter the fresh water supply.
  • The greywater should be sent directly to the toilet bowl via separate plumbing.

Since greywater can contain disease-causing pathogens the intended use and method of application of greywater requires consideration,

  • Avoid using grey water on your vegetable/herb garden unless you provide additional treatment

Greywater tends to be alkaline, whereas collected rain water is acid.

  • Understand which plants thrive in which conditions and to organise your garden and watering accordingly.