L.O.W. stands for “List of Waste,” which is a comprehensive inventory of waste types drawn up by the European Commission. The list provides a standardized classification system for all types of waste generated by human activities, from industrial and commercial sources to households. It was published as Commission Decision 2014/955/EU and is regularly updated.

The L.O.W. serves as a tool to ensure proper waste management practices across the EU member states, promoting consistency and transparency in waste management policies. It enables a better understanding of the nature and composition of waste, facilitating the development of effective waste reduction, recycling, and disposal strategies. The list categorizes wastes based on their physical and chemical properties, production processes, and sources, making it easier to identify hazardous waste and prevent environmental damage. Overall, the L.O.W. is a valuable resource for environmental professionals, policymakers, and stakeholders working towards a more sustainable future.