Environmental Liability Risk Assessment (ELRA) is a process of evaluating and identifying potential risks associated with environmental damage or contamination caused by human activities. It is a tool used by businesses, governments, and organizations to understand and manage the potential environmental liabilities and risks associated with their operations, products, or services.

The ELRA process involves a comprehensive analysis of the potential environmental impacts of an activity, the likelihood of those impacts occurring, and the potential cost of remediation or compensation for any harm caused. This can include assessments of contamination from hazardous substances, pollution of soil, water or air, and impacts on natural resources and ecosystems.

ELRA is an essential tool for decision-makers to develop and implement effective environmental risk management strategies. By identifying potential environmental liabilities and risks, businesses and organizations can take proactive measures to mitigate those risks and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Overall, ELRA is a crucial step towards sustainable and responsible environmental management.