FP7 Funding for Water, Waste & Wastewater: Participation of SME Business

FP7 attaches great importance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

  • The aim for FP7 is to allocate at least an indicative 15% of the total EU funding of roughly €50 billion for 2007–13 to SMEs.
  • SMEs have a role in a range of environmental research topics including water recovery/recycling, water and wastewater treatment, waste management and the development of products which are environmentally (and economically) sustainable.
  • FP7 provides a number of opportunities for SMEs to participate in research and innovation activities supported by the EU.

The Cooperation programme of FP7 features specific research topics of particular interest for SMEs.

SME-specific measures under FP7’s Capacities programme – Researchfor SMEs and Research for SME Associations provide financial support for outsourcing research critical to their core business activities.

Under the People programme, the industry-academia partnerships and pathways dynamic pathways are opened between public research organisations and private commercial enterprises.

SMEs may also take part in Joint Technology Initiatives which are long-term Public-Private Partnerships and are managed within dedicated structures based on Article 187 TFEU (ex Article 171 TEC). Joint Technology Initiatives support large-scale multinational research activities in areas of major interest to European industrial competitiveness and issues of high societal relevance.

Joint Technology Initiatives

EU Research & Innovation Environment

Cooperation programme of FP7 

FP7’s Capacities programme – Research

Research for SME Associations

People programme

Industry-academia partnerships and pathways