European Environment Agency’s environmental information – Mobile Applications

Access EEA’s environmental information and data with new mobile apps.

The Noise Meter uses a built in microphone on your hand held device to determine the level of sounds it detects, and displays this in decibels (dB). It has been designed solely to measure noise levels wherever you are. Send your readings to be displayed on the NoiseWatch web app at the Eye on Global Earth public information service for creating and sharing environmental information

iEnviroWatch allows users to visualise and search environmental information provided by EEA for your location or geographical area of your interest, including.

  • European protected areas (Natura 2000)
  • Water quality at Europe’s bathing sites (Beaches, rivers and lakes)
  • Air quality measurement stations (Ozone values)
  • Land use in urban areas (Urban Atlas)
  • Land use maps (Land use inventory)

Kore (ISO 14001)