Environmental Legislation: Compliance & Benefits

All businesses have a legal obligation to comply with existing environmental legislation.  In addition, management standards such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and I.S. EN 16001, require you to identify, maintain and update a list of relevant legislation.

Compliance with Environmental Regulations requires detailed consideration of legal obligations, technical requirements and both direct and indirect costs over the lifetime of a project.

The Risks pf non-compliance include:

  • Damage to Reputation
  • Legal Penalties
  • Business Interruption
  • Cost of Corrective Action

The cost of prevention is typically a small fraction of the cost of failure.  ECOS supports leading organisations on all issues related to the management and mitigation of risk, related to environmental regulation.

ECOS offers a fully integrated compliance support service including:

  • IPPC Licence Compliance Auditing
  • Waste Licence Compliance Auditing
  • Third Party Auditing of Waste Contractors
  • Compliance Monitoring Programmes
  • Latest Legislative & Regulatory Developments
  • Fully integrated compliance support services
  • Contact Compliance Officer
  • Compliance training programmes

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