Dispose business waste legally: Your obligations

disposeIf your business produces a waste you have an obligation to dispose of it in a legal manner.

There are two keys things all businesses need to be aware of. 

  1. Waste is your responsibility until it reaches its final destination.  When it leaves your site it must be transported by a suitably licensed waste collection company.
    • Not all waste collection permits are the same and  it is your responsibility to ensure the company which you engage is licensed to transport your waste.
    • Collection permits may relate to single region permits, multi region permits and then national permits.
    • Collection permits will list specific EWC codes (now LoW code).
  2. The ultimate receiver of the waste must also be suitably licensed to receive your waste.  (Waste Facility Permit, Certificate of Registration or a Waste Licence).  
    • Again not all permits and licences are the same.  
    • If the permit/licence does not list your EWC code (now LoW code), the facility is not legally permitted to receive or handle your waste.
    • Waste facilities are licensed by either the EPA or local authorities.  EPA licensed facilities and their licence conditions are available at www.epa.ie.  Facilities which are licensed by local authorities are available for viewing on the NWCPO website.
    • Licences and permits will also identify what the facility is allowed to do to the waste once it is received, be it recovery, reuse, recycling..

The responsibility for your waste is “cradle to grave” and as such the liability for the correct disposal of your waste remains with you, the producer, until it has been disposed of or recycled in a legally acceptable manner.

Reputable waste management companies will have readily available the information which you require in relation to licensing and compliance. 

In our experience, businesses are better protected where they ask questions and document the answers relating to waste movements.

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