Construction and Demolition Waste: Liability or Resource

Construction & Demolition (C&D) waste arises from construction, renovation and demolition projects and includes all waste categories mentioned in chapter 17 of the European Waste catalogue (EWC) and List of Waste (LoW) codes.

C&D material is normally perceived as a waste and a liability.  Traditionally C&D waste was disposed off in the nearest hole in the ground, sometimes a licensed landfill and sometimes not.  In more recent times recycling & reuse of C&D waste has become more common.

  • ECOS have viewed C&D waste as a valuable resource and worked with businesses to realise it’s potential value.

The Department of the Environment, Heritage & Local Government (DoELG) has published Best Practice Guidelines relating to the preparation of waste management plans to promote an integrated approach to managing C&D waste throughout the duration of a project

The guidelines intend to:

  • Promote sustainable development, environmental protection & optimum use of resources
  • Provide guidance on the preparation of C&D waste management plans
  • Promote an integrated approach whereby the management of C&D waste is given due consideration throughout the project
  • Outline the manner in which clients, planners, designers, contractors & suppliers can act co-operatively to reduce C&D waste
  • Provide an agreed basis for determining the adequacy of C&D waste management projects
  • Provide guidance on the preparation C&D waste management plans.

The guideline also highlights that C&D waste management should reflect the waste hierarchy.

  1. Waste minimisation & prevention being the first priority, then
  2. Reuse & recycling.

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