EPA publishes figures relating to Compliance Investigations carried out in 2015

Compliance Investigations

The EPA has published figures for EPA Industrial and Waste Licence enforcements in 2015.  The report gives examples to the types of Compliance Investigations which were carried out and the outcomes.

The EPA initiates a Compliance Investigation when it encounters a situation in a licensed facility, which they deem to be a substantial risk or failure to comply with the terms of the licence.

There were 459 Compliance Investigations in 2015 with water pollution being the predominant issue in almost two thirds of cases.

Probable Cause Compliance Investigations No of Associated Licences
Failure of abatement equipment1815
Leachate management 22 21
Overdue assessments/reports2922
Historical containment issues 3432
Other 3534
Failure of primary or secondary containment4942
Inadequate infrastrature10592
Inadequate operational procedures/training167129

The majority of compliance investigations were instigated due to inadequate operational procedures or infrastructure.

  • Where licensees fail to address the requirements of an Compliance Investigation in a effectively and timely manner, the EPA may determine that further enforcement action is required

Our of the 459 Compliance Investigations in 2015:

  • 13 summary prosecutions taken by the EPA in relation to licensed facilities
  • 10 prosecutions resulted in conviction and fines.
  • 3 companies and 1 company director, given the benefit of the Probation Act

The report clearly demonstrates how simple but essential steps and processes can make a huge difference for license holders to maintain compliance.
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