Proposed new regulations on trade in scrap metal at waste facility sites

The Minister for the Environment, Community and Local Government has published for public consultation the proposed new regulations on the trade in scrap metal – the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Regulation) (Amendment) Regulations 2012.

These regulations would impose new obligations on operators of waste facility sites.  In particular, the proposed measures aim to:

  • Prohibit cash payments in respect of material received,
  • Prohibit the sale of metals which have been damaged by fire,
  • Require proof of identity and current address of the person supplying the material,
  • Require records to be kept pertaining to the delivery vehicle, materials sold and amount paid,
  • Require a signed statement by the person supplying the material that they are the lawful owner (or that they have the owner’s consent).

The draft regulations are downloadable on the Department’s website  and the consultation will be open for four weeks, until Friday 14th December 2012.

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