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Supply Chain: Competitive Strategy & Sustainability

March 12th, 2020

Supply chain strategy is now a bridge between competitive strategy and sustainability.  Establishing the correct strategy can start with social, economic and ecological factors such as energy and waste consumption, waste, human rights, labours, carbon output, all of which directly influence: Products Customers Competitors Regulations Suppliers Employees Investors An assessment of how social, economic and ecological factors...


Single-use plastics: New EU rules to reduce marine litter

November 19th, 2018

The amount of single-use plastics in oceans and seas has been growing at an alarming rate.  The European Commission has proposed new EU-wide rules to target the 10 plastic products most often found on Europe’s beaches and seas, as well as lost and abandoned fishing gear. Together these constitute 70% of all marine litter items. The...


Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP)

September 24th, 2018

In Ireland, planning authorities are empowered under section 34(4)(1) of the Planning and Development Act 2000 (DoEHLG, 2000), to attach conditions to construction and demolition waste management including the preparation of Site Waste Management Plans (SWMP) for projects over certain thresholds. New residential development of 10 houses or more New developments such as institutional, educational,...


Waste Collection Permit: Another Successful Project Completed by ECOS

July 24th, 2018

Our Client is a a Hygiene and Workwear Specialist who require a Waste Collection Permit (WCP) to provide the complete to their nationwide client base. A WCP is required where a person wishes to collect waste for the purposes of reward or profit.  In accordance with Section 24 (1) of the Waste Management (Collection Permit)...


‘This is Limerick’ brochure tells city’s success story to win further investment

July 13th, 2018

‘This is Limerick’ brochure published this week, promoting Limericks economic resurgence to attract Foreign Direct Investment sets out the compelling case that Limerick now is ready for indigenous companies looking to establish a base in Ireland or expand an existing one. The brochure is an emphatic statement about Limerick’s strengths as an investment location today...


ECOS Environmental Consultants: About Us

July 06th, 2018

ECOS is a highly experienced and respected environmental consultancy.  ECOS provides our clients with consultancy support to enable you to achieve financial, competitive and operational goals through enhanced environmental performance.  Our Company was founded by Mark McConnell, a Chartered Water and Environmental Manager, who had spent the previous 20 years working in the environmental management sector...


EPA: Advice for Waste Disposal Activities

July 05th, 2018

Recent news stories have highlighted significant illegal waste disposal activities which can have a serious impact on the areas in which we live and indeed the health and wellbeing of our communities. Advice for all businesses and householders to consider when engaging a third party to dispose of waste, includes: Ensure that you use a...


Clean Ocean Energy: 2 projects to share €1.5 million

July 03rd, 2018

The European Commission has selected two new projects on clean ocean energy for funding under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF). While the first tidal farms in European waters are being deployed and more and more devices are being tested in water, the idea of obtaining clean energy through the oceans’ waves is also...


Maidstone motorway services to pilot recycling reward machines

June 27th, 2018

Motorists near Maidstone will soon be able to claim discounts on snacks and drinks by placing empty plastic bottles and coffee cups into special recycling reward machines that are being installed at the town’s motorway service station by green charity Hubbub. The machines issue a 5p money-off voucher for each plastic bottle or coffee cup deposited...


War on plastic: How businesses can play their part!

June 26th, 2018

You may have heard that China no longer accepts low value plastics and has left the western world with a significant disposal/recycling conundrum.   We have all heard about Circular Economy.  You may have an idea of how you could use the circular economy to improve the performance of your business whilst playing a significant role...