Annual Report Season has arrived

Your Annual Environmental Report (AER) is typically due to be submitted at the end of either January, February or March of each year.  The due date will be dictated by the activity or facility to be reported and will be presented in the licence or permit issued

The Annual Environmental Report (AER) is a requirement for all EPA licensed facilities. 

  • The content of the AER should give a concise summary of the environmental performance of the site for the previous reporting year as well as a record of on-going improvements on the licensed site. 
  • The EPA have published a Draft AER Guidance which is intended to assist in standardising the reporting format of the AER for facilities licensed by the Agency. 
  • AER reporting Annual Environmental Reporting Website section of the EPA website facilitates the electronic reporting of environmental information through the upload of the AER in PDF format.

Annual Environmental Reports are required for activities licensed by local authorities, including:

  • Discharge Licences
  • Waste Facility Permits/Certificates of Registration
  • Solvent Regulations Annual Self Assessment Compliance Reports
  • Waste Packaging self compliance reports

Please feel free to contact us if you wish to discuss your Annual Environmental Report requirements.

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